1927 Talbot 14/45 Saloon


The quest for smooth running six cylinder engines of smaller capacity was a direction taken by many manufacturers from the mid 1920's. One of the best 'Light Sixes' of this era, the Talbot 14/45, designed by Georges Roesch, made its first appearance in late 1926.

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The 1.7 litre engine was particularly smooth and gave the 14/45 a very creditable  performance for its size, with almost 60 mph being obtained when road tested by the motoring correspondent of 'The Times'. 

A variety of coachwork styles were available, mostly by Darracq - a subsidiary of S.T.D. Ltd based in Fulham. 

The charming saloon offered here dates from 1927 and has had just four previous owners. A major restoration was commenced a few years ago, but unfortunately was to come to a halt due to the ill health of the then owner. The car was subsequently acquired by another Talbot enthusiast who completed the work to a very good standard recently. 

The car is in extremely good all-round condition, being tastefully finished in garnet over black, with brown hide upholstery. 

On the road, the Talbot feels most willing and is a joy to drive, running smoothly with a comfortable cruising speed of around 50 mph. It retains all the original features and is a most handsome and characterful motor car. Much paperwork is included, with various photos of the car in the 1930's and historical notes, as well as details of restoration work carried out. 

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