Thank you so much for handling the efficient and speedy sale of the Alvis together with the prompt settlement of the funds.  I'm currently 'improving' another project (TR3A) and I shall know where to come if I decide to get it sold.  Not having to deal with the 'tyre kickers' is a godsend to me.  My best wishes for your ongoing business success.


Hi Robin,
Thanks for your e-mail. After many years of selling old and newer cars privately, being able to pass a car on to you for a commission sale and simply wait for the cheque is very pleasing. As before with the Hornet, I was impressed with the advertising we got in all the right places, and the sale has been completed in good time with a return of an amount equal to what I could have expected from a private sale. So many thanks.


As you well know this is the second MGB that you have sold for me in two years, I give you top marks for both my experiences. My enthusiasm for the MGB was reflected in my cars, & this I hope made your job a bit easier. However, as a customer I valued your broad knowledge, your energy and your clear thinking about classic cars & the market forces that prevail in this fairly niche market. I had every confidence & trust in you and your supporting network and especially appreciated the clear & timely communications at all times.