1926 Humber 12/25 Tourer - 'Oily-Rag' ProjectSold

1925 Humber 12/25 Tourer - 'Oily-Rag' Project


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1925 Humber 12/25 Tourer 

Always renowned for their quality offerings, Humber were to make major changes in 1923 with the introduction of a new range of engines using inlet over exhaust valves. A new model for that year was the 12/25, which was to supersede the well proven 11.4.

The new 12/25 was powered by a 1795cc engine and for the 1926 season, four wheel brakes were fitted. Although a conservative design, the 12/25 was very popular and proved both economical and reliable. However, quality came at a price, with the Tourer being listed at £440 in 1926. Five styles of coachwork were available, with the four seat Tourer accounting for over 50% of total production.

In the present ownership for the past 30 years, this 1925 Tourer had previously spent some years on display in a museum. In ‘Oily Rag’ condition and running well, this car retains its distinctive original registration number. There is a rear Auster screen, and the tyres are recent replacements. Additional work has included reconditioned magneto and radiator. This Humber is an ideal project to use and improve.

Three Buff RF60 Logbooks are included with the paperwork, including the original showing the car to have been first registered in Lancashire on 24th March 1925.

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