1928 Austin Seven Chummy - very smart


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1928 Austin Seven Chummy


This 1928 Chummy - for many years known as ‘Veronica May’ due to her VM registration, was acquired by a Mr J Smyth in 1983 in dismantled state from a restorer of Bentleys and Talbots.

By 1985/6 she was restored and back on the road.  Another owner acquired her in ‘89, but he passed away soon after this and the car was passed on to his daughter and was stored from ‘89 until 2006.

From 2006 until now it would appear that probably no more than around 6,000 miles or so have been covered according to a note from a previous owner.  The car also spent a brief period in Ireland.

This Chummy still presents very well and has a good hood and side screens. In all, she would appear to have been very well cared for in over the ensuing years. 

We sold the car to an avid collector earlier last year, who changes his collection regularly and the Austin has come back to us. A new battery has been fitted in the last few months.

There is a copy of a magazine article by John Smyth, detailing the restoration process, together with several photos of the car shortly after completion.  Also supplied are a number of bills and a copy of an RF60 logbook dating from 1937.


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