1929 Austin Heavy12/4 Burnham


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1929 Austin Heavy 12/4 Burnham (just arrived and awaiting preparation)

For many years the Austin 12/4 has been one of the most familiar cars in the Vintage Car movement. Well built, unfailingly reliable and very pleasant to drive, these cars have always been revered.

Survivors benefit from the support of the Vintage Austin Register and they are one of the easiest cars of this period to live with.

This example was first registered on 7th October 1929 and was in the hands of a former owner for no fewer than 54 years. Well cared for and regularly maintained, it is very original, with original features such as the luggage carrier and map net in the roof still in place.Whilst in the present custodian’s care the seats have been reupholstered in quality blue hide at considerable expense.

Running well and of smart appearance, this venerable Austin represents an opportunity to acquire a sturdy and characterful Vintage family car for a modest outlay.

The original Spare Parts List is supplied, along with a number of bills etc, plus an RF60 logbook which dates back to 1955. There is also copy of the Highway Code from 1954!

More photos and a video will be updated shortly.

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