1930 Standard Avon Special - ideal VSCC Trials Car


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A remarkable 65 years in single ownership!

1930 Standard Avon Special - ideal VSCC Trials Car

The Standard Avon Special is the first one of the Avon second series, which was based on the Big 9 Chassis, briefly described as the Jensen special sports model, as it was designed by the young Jensen Brothers. 

The chassis was also used by William Lyons of Jaguar fame for the Standard Swallow cars.

The Big 9 has a 1287cc engine, coil ignition and a 4-speed box. 

With ample ground clearance this could be an ideal candidate for VSCC trials 

This car was first registered in 1930 and has been in the current ownership for 65 years


Full details will be updated when the documents arrive.  Few photos and a quick video are live (with Robin in situ) - additional photos and a more detailed video will be udpated in the next couple of weeks.
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