1932 Alvis 12/50 TJ Four Seat Tourer


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1932 Alvis 12/50 TJ Four Seat Tourer

The Alvis company was founded in 1919 by T G John with motor car production commencing three years later with the ‘10/30’ model. 1924 was to see the launch of what was to become the model that established Alvis as a manufacturer of high-quality sporting cars - the immortal 12/50.


The 12/50 enjoyed great success, its 1.5 litre OHV engine proving tough and reliable and more than proving its worth in competition.


The example we offer for sale here was supplied by Imperial Motor Mart in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, on 21st September 1932. Originally fitted with saloon coachwork, it is one of the final models from what Alvis aficionados refer to a the ‘Revival Period’, as 12/50 production ceased between 1929 -31, as the company was concentrating on its recently introduced front wheel drive model. This, however was not to prove as successful as hoped for and the 12/50 was re-introduced to bolster flagging sales.


This motor car, registered DG 5193, was discovered in poor condition in the early 1990s fitted with a body that appeared to be from a Lea Francis P-Type. The car was featured in ‘The Automobile’ under ‘Finds and Discoveries’ in late 1992.


Following its discovery, a comprehensive restoration was duly undertaken, with the car being re-bodied with tourer coachwork of a style fitted to many 12/50 models during the late 1920’s. 


The restoration was overseen by well-known Alvis specialist Tony Leech, in Rugby. The work included full refurbishment of the engine, gearbox and chassis. The interior of the new body was trimmed to a superb standard in red and all new weather equipment was fitted, including front and rear tonneau covers.



Recently, the gearbox was overhauled by Hardy Engineering and the car is, according to its owner, a delight to drive and utterly reliable. 


Looking especially attractive in mid- green, this is a most pleasing example of this much loved and highly respected model. Supplied with the car are two large files containing a host of receipts etc, information on maintenance and restoration of Alvis 12/50 models, plus a copy of the Alvis Register Membership List.


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