1933 Austin Ten Cabriolet


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1933 Austin Ten Cabriolet

Almost certainly the most versatile version of the highly successful Austin 10/4 range was the Cabriolet which was to appear in 1933 - a year after the 10/4's launch.

This attractive model featured a threee position hood and offered more protection from the elements than the traditional tourer when the hood was folded fully down.

The Cabriolet also boasted a lockable luggage boot, which was something of a rarity on small cars at that time.

Of charming appearance finished in the Austin colours of Primrose over black, this Cabriolet was first registered on 31st October 1933.

The subject of an extensive restoration some years ago, the car still presents very well and has an excellent well fitting hood. There is also a luggage carrier fitted. There are photos of the restoration in progress among the large file of information supplied.

The car has been known to us for many years and has been enjoyed on a variety of rallies and events and was owned for some time by a previous Chairman of the Austin Ten Drivers Club.

One of the most practical small prewar cars, the 10/4 is extremely easy to maintain and benefits from the support of the enthusiastic Austin Ten Drivers' Club, which offers an excellent spare parts service.

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