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1934 MG PA


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1934 MG PA – Offered for Restoration


The replacement for the ‘J2’ Midget was introduced in March 1934 as the ‘P’ Series. The most welcome improvement was the new engine, which although still displacing 847cc, had the benefit of three main bearings and a much stronger crankshaft. The lubrication system was also revised, with vastly improved filtration. The cylinder head was also redesigned, as was the gearbox and the rear axle was now stronger.  This new model was to prove a considerable success, with some 1,973 being produced.

As well as the 2-seater, there was also an ‘Airline’ Coupe and a 4-seat tourer variant. The 2-seater was priced at a very competitive £220.

This example, which is presented for sale requiring restoration, bears chassis number 1048.  Many years ago, a PB engine was installed – engine number 533A199PB.  Also, the gear box has been upgraded with PB ratios.  The car started life as one of 390 4-seat P Types and was re-bodied as a 2-seater some years later.  

In total, 1,948 ‘PA & PB’ models were produced between 1934 and 1936, the ‘PB’ benefiting from an enlargement of the engine, from 849cc to 939cc.

The car has been in the current ownership for 25 years.  There is a substantial history.  In sound order when acquired with much work having been undertaken, it has subsequently been campaigned in a variety of trials and MGCC Events.

Ownership history can be traced back to new when the car was first registered in Surrey in 1934.

Now offered in need of restoration, the car is currently running and is supplied with new standard wings and running boards, it is fitted with front cycle wings.  There also are sidescreens which can be used as a pattern.

Amongst the 5 extensive files of documentation is the correct, well used, instruction manual, plus copious bills, and information.

The engine underwent major work in late 1990s.  The radiator was re-cored, the gearbox stripped and assessed – all details are available.

Affectionately known as ‘Molly’ this MG should prove a most rewarding a worthwhile project.


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