1936 Riley 12/4 Lynx (Special Series) 


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1936 Riley 12/4 Lynx (Special Series) 
A highly regarded motor car both in its heyday as well as today, the Riley 12/4 Lynx combined all the desirable attributes of a sporting tourer for enthusiastic motorists.  The Pre-selector transmission made for effortless gear changing and the specification included Girling brakes.  As expected from Riley, all fixtures and fittings were of the finest quality.

Bearing her original Coventry registration number, this special series Riley Lynx was registered by the Works and sold to a Captain MacLennan on 24th March 1936.
There is much ownership history and this car has been in the current ownership for the past 41 years.

Restored with great care to retain originality wherever possible this Riley remains to the same specification as it left the factory 87 years ago.
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